Imperial Radch Wiki

The Radch religion is a collection of religious practises widely followed within the Radch. Although religion varies across the empire, the state religion holds legal significance and all citizens barring those from Valskaay are expected to acknowledge it. Normally, the religion is reconciled with local religions through syncretism (the view that other gods may be aspects of Amaat) or by adopting the local gods into the Radch pantheon; both these tactics are similar to the approach to religion in the Roman Empire.

In the Radch religion, Amaat is the chief deity and creator god, and everything that happens is Amaat's will. This means that coincidences are often viewed as divine omens. Amaat created the universe from the Four Emanations.

Radch religion places a strong importance on ritual purity, which is incorporated into rituals through bathing and fasting. Radchaai wear gloves when in public to avoid direct contact with impurity.

All ships in the Radchaai military are named after gods in the Radch religion.