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Justice of Toren was a troop-carrying ship in the Radch military. In the book, it is also synonymous with the ship's artificial intelligence and ancillaries. Seivarden Vendaai was a lieutenant aboard Justice of Toren before becoming captain of the ship Sword of Nathtas.

The name of the ship comes from Toren, a minor deity in the Radch religion, who is the ship's patron god. All (human) troops on it worship Toren particularly in their daily devotions.

The Justice of Toren had sixteen decks: Command, Administrative, Medical, Hydroponics, Engineering, Central Access, and ten decade decks named (in order from highest deck to lowest) Amaat, Toren, Etrepa, Bo, Esk, Var, Issa, Inu, Vahn and Itr. Only the Amaat, Toren, Etrepa, Bo and Esk decade decks were occupied; the Var deck and below were empty until Anaander Mianaai took up residence on Var deck.

Each decade deck had its own offices, living spaces, baths and a decade room where the deck's officers could worship, eat and socialize.

After its destruction by Anaander Mianaai, Justice of Toren became Breq.