Justice, Propriety and Benefit are a trio of interlinked values with special significance to Radchaai, related to the Radch religion. Anaander Mianaai is seen by many citizens as the embodiment of these values.

Justice is the value that all actions should be fair and everyone should receive what they deserve.

Propriety is the value that all actions should be in line with Radchaai law and etiquette, and everyone behave according to their assigned role.

Benefit is the value that all actions should improve the universe, both for individual citizens and the Radch as a whole.

These three values are believed to be closely linked, so that any action that meets one value must necessarily meet all three. Because the laws and social roles of the Radch are, by definition, Just, all Just actions are Proper and all Proper actions are Just. If an action is Just and Proper, it is viewed as Beneifical to Amaat, even if the benefit is not immediately clear.

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