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Dr Arilesperas Strigan was formerly a doctor on Dras Annia station, but later moved to Nilt to live among the Bov herders.

While on Dras Annia, Strigan collected items along a number of themes, including idols, guns, and artefacts from Garsedd. This led to her gaining possession of one of the Garseddai guns, and when she realised this she fled the station, fearing the attention of Anaander Mianaai.

Breq tracked her to Nilt and, although Strigan was initially suspicious that Breq was working for the Radch government, Strigan sold her the gun when she heard Breq's story of the destruction of Justice of Toren and the death of Lieutenant Awn.

Strigan appears to be a competent doctor, and Breq witnesses her treat Tiktik girl's uncle after he is attacked by an ice devil.