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Anaander Mianaai is the Lord of the Radch, its chief authority in all judicial, political, military and religious matters. Anaander Mianaai possesses many bodies which share a single consciousness, allowing her to govern the entirety of the Radch Empire. During the events of the books, it is revealed that Anaander has a disagreement with herself, driving some of her selves to go to war with the others.

It is mentioned that Anaander was unknown prior to her conquest, but she is a ruthless politician, and a few characters mention that she formed the Radch from nothing through political maneuvering and military conquest.


Unlike the bodies used as Ancillaries, the bodies that make up Anaander Mianaai are almost entirely clones of the original Mianaai. These clones are connected to her consciousness very early in life, presumably around or even before birth. The only exception is that of Lieutenant Tisarwat, who is forced into becoming part of Anaander Mianaai during the events in Ancillary Sword. Before connecting to Tisarwat, Mianaai never had to endure a fully conscious body becoming connected to the network of her selves, which is described by Breq as being extremely disorienting, even terrifying.